This game card comes with a 4G memory card, which has more than 2,000 games stored.

Support the Japanese version of FC game console system, support most FC compatible machines, disk drive files.
Support NES/FC games and FC driver games.
Support FC/NES driver game auto flip.
Support instant archiving and reading, Support FC/NES game cheats.
FC/NES game archives are automatically backed up to SD card (no special operation required)
Support memory card in FAT/FAT16/FAT32 format.
Support 32GB SD memory card.
Load games at high speed (usually only 4~8 seconds per game).
The counterfeit version of the assembled game console is not supported (the battery cannot be started due to insufficient power).
Hardware introduction:
The main control adopts powerful Cyclone II FPGA chip
2 * 512Kbyte SRAM as PRG and CHR data carrier.
128kbyte game archive chip.
1Mb flash BIOS chip.
The voltage translation buffers on the PPU and CPU buses are matched to the 5V NES bus and 3.3V EverDrive bus. Much lower noise and power consumption than simple resistive buffers
Material: ABS
colour: Transparent blue / Transparent black

Package Contents:
1 x game card

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Everdrive N8 & 4GB Micro SD

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