Top quality, 600 in 1 master system cartridge for USA / EUR version SEGA Master system game console  and USA / EUR version SEGA Master system 2 game console;

Built-in 600 games, games are successfully saved to the SD card;
Games with a maximum capacity of 8Mbit (1mbyte);
With master system games and SG-1000 games;
Work with Standard Sega mapper and Codemasters mapper;
Support the use of the gear master adapter on the GameGear handset;
Gift 4G TF Card, Many Hot games in one cartridge for SMS game consoles;
Custom game card shell, perfect SMS game card shell;
Sometimes, the sticker is updated, we don't notice to you again. The product label may be not same as the photo
Support to add or delete games by yourself;
use our SMS2SG1000 adapter, this cartridge can work on Japan Sega MARK III SG-1000 SC-3000 game console.

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Master System Game Card & 4GB Micro SD

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