1. The directory is automatically sorted, no fat sorting tool is required
2. Simple menu is easy to use.
3. The SNES game console has a variety of popular games on one card; users can add or delete games
4. This is a 16-bit classic game card, perfect workmanship, suitable for players to collect Top quality and energy-saving features, made in China
5. Does not support operating system upgrades. Updating the firmware may damage the device.
6. 1000 in 1 game cards, popular games, retro and nostalgic games can be played at will.
7. The new V1 runs games faster and more stably.
8. With a save function, the loaded game will always be saved in the cassette, and will not be lost due to power failure of the game console.
9. Super good quality! The game can be repeated over 100,000 times.
10. Support the use of the original SNES console, which is suitable for American, European, and Japanese game consoles.

Package includes:

1*SFC SNES Game Card
1*4G Mini SD Card (recorded 1000 games)

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Super Everdrive SNES & 4GB Micro SD Card

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