• Mega Everdrive Version 3 & 4GB Micro SD

Many popular games for the Sega Megadrive Genesis console

This is a classic 16-bit game card with perfect workmanship and suitable for player collection.

Customized game cartridges for US/EU/Japan game console slots

Supports adding and deleting games by yourself, but does not support operating system updates.


Compared with the V1 version, V3Pro has higher compatibility and is compatible with most Sega Megadrive/Genesis game consoles on the market.

Has faster game loading speeds

Supports over 99% of MD and Genesis games

Support SMS/GG games, with SMS pause button

For Sega 32X games

Support hardware MEGAKey, play games in all regions

Supports games with 56M bit capacity

Press the reset button on the MD/Genesis console to return to the operating menu

Automatically back up game saves to microSD card when selecting a new game

Brand new graphical user interface

Supports full range of original MD/Genesis game consoles

Highly supported MD/Genesis compatible machines with various versions/clones/components/revisions

Exclusive support for creating all-in-one games. (The overall capacity of the game is less than 56M bits)

Press the start button to directly run the last loaded game

Package Included:

1x MD V3 card

1x 4G micro SD card

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Mega Everdrive Version 3 & 4GB Micro SD

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